Forklift Courses T1-T5


Training is profitable

Work Act requires truck drivers undergo truck driver course with theoretical and practical training. Education pays off, since educated truck drivers reduce the risk of injuries and accidents both on people, goods and buildings. In addition, employees with a truck driver permit more productive.


Who fit our truck driver course?


Anyone running truck should have forklift driver training, including temporary staff, maintenance personnel and supervisors.


What do we achieve with our forklift driver course?


The purpose of the training is to give a truck driver a good theoretical and practical basic training in the safe use of forklifts, so that incidents and accidents associated with truck driving avoided.
The training gives graduates a good understanding of the principles of truckers construction, operation, maintenance and use





Work equipment subject to requirements for certified safety training.


The lifting and stacking trucks with permanent cockpit on the trolley.


Forskrift om utførelse av arbeid, bruk av arbeidsutstyr og tilhørende tekniske krav. 1357. Bestillings nr. 703 Kapittel 10 -  § 10.3




It issued a diploma by passing courses.
Competence Evidence of Material issued from approved register for the run-in MTK School on current truck types - T1,T2, T3 and T4.



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