Dangerous small tools


The purpose of the dangerous small tool and machinery course is to give the people who work with tools and machines knowledge about safe use, maintenance and daily control. You should also be able to use the equipment so that accidents and accidents in connection with use can be avoided. We create a conscious attitude to the dangers that can arise and how these can be avoided. Help to create the conditions for a safe and secure workplace




  • Laws and regulations.

  • HSE - health, environment and safety.

  • Unwanted events.

  • Expert and daily control.

  • Marking and protecting equipment.

  • Types and Uses.

  • Construction and operation.

  • Practical review.


The course provides a basic theoretical and practical introduction to the safe use of dangerous small tools such as: angle grinders, cutting saw, bolt gun and nail gun. Proof of competence is issued to the participants in order to fulfill the legal requirements for documentation.

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