About us

MTK school is located in the town of Holmestrand in Vestfold. We very central location, you have the opportunity to come to us both by plane, boat, train, and car. The school in Holmestrand have a classroom area and an area for machine practical use closeby with over 400m2. We also have good parking facilities close to the school.
Here you can see the machines and the area we use for driving.

MTK school offers courses in both documented training and certified safety training. We also offer corporate internal training for companies that want the instructor comes to them. The course is adapted for each person's needs and learning abilities. We are flexible according to your desire.
Our wide course specter ranges from certified training for cranes, earthmoving machinery and construction equipment, the documented training as patient lifts, fall arrest, hot work, hazardous small tools, HMS and so much more.

Our focus is that the training shall be of the same qualities whether certified or documented training. Requirements for this type of training is found in regulations on the performance of work §10.2;
"One who will be using work equipment referred to in §10-1 and 10-3, should have practical and theoretical training that provides knowledge about the structure, operation, applications and usage, maintenance and monitoring. The training will provide knowledge of the requirements for safe use and operation of regulations and instructions. It shall be issued documentation that practical and theoretical training is given in accordance with regulations. "






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